Boost your organization's water efficiency. The EDF-GEMI WaterMAPP is a set of tools and resources that can help organizations build their own program to reduce water and energy use in buildings—and save money in the process. The toolkit has the potential to save 28 billion gallons annually if deployed across all U.S. companies.

As drought conditions persist on the west coast and throughout the Southwest, and other areas struggle with water scarcity, the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) and Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have teamed up to scale adoption of a new solution tool, the EDF-GEMI Water Management Application (WaterMAPP) toolkit, building on a previous water efficiency collaboration between EDF and AT&T

The EDF-GEMI Water Management Application (WaterMAPP) is a MS Excel-based, multi-tabbed spreadsheet with three complimentary tools:

  • The EDF-GEMI Water Scorecard helps you assess your company's water efficiency and can be used to create visibility for water performance at facilities. The Water Scorecard Guide offers an overview of the scorecard concept, calculations used by AT&T in developing their first scorecard, and provides detailed information about how you could develop your own scorecard.
  • The Water Efficiency Calculator estimates water and financial savings from cooling tower or free-air cooling improvements -- key data for making the water-efficiency investment business case.
  • Cycles of Concentration Estimator takes information about your water quality and estimates the recommended maximum Cycles of Concentration (COC)—a key indicator of cooling tower water efficiency—when using chemicals to treat the water. It also helps identify appropriate non-chemical water treatment options to increase the potential COC.
EDF-GEMI WaterMAPP Introduction Webinar - Learn about the WaterMAPP tool and how it can help your organization reduce water use, with EDF and GEMI leaders in this introductory webinar.


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