About the EDF-GEMI WaterMAPP Collaboration

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) have been collaborating on projects for many years. In 2008, the two organizations created the GEMI-Environmental Defense Fund Guide to Successful Corporate-NGO Partnerships, the product of collaboration among GEMI member companies and EDF. In addition, GEMI has partnered with EDF's Climate Corps program to co-promote it via webinars, and several GEMI members have participated in the program since its inception.

In 2014, EDF came to GEMI about a new tool collaboration opportunity. In 2012, EDF and AT&T launched a pilot project to identify opportunities to reduce water and energy use in buildings, with a focus on cooling towers. The project found that many buildings have an opportunity to reduce water use in their cooling towers. Through the pilot, the initial WaterMAPP Tools and Resources were developed to help AT&T and other organizations reduce their water use. The toolkit has the potential to save 28 billion gallons annually if deployed across all U.S. companies. Seeing an opportunity to scale, GEMI and EDF collaborated on the redesign, hosting and co-promotion of the EDF-GEMI Water Management Application Toolkit (WaterMAPP) as our joint effort to help organizations reduce water and energy use in buildings.


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