The GEMI Supply Chain Sustainability (SCS) Tool is designed to put the 'chain' back into sustainable supply chain management.

This free to use browser based tool is designed as a guide to help support and assist with strategic sourcing and procurement by providing visibility into CO2e and water impacts within a financial context.

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GEMI SCS Tool Features

The GEMI SCS Tool allows a user to enter spending across purchase categories. SCS then calculates CO2e and water impacts and assesses alternative purchasing scenarios for each of the three featured categories. The tool estimates results of each scenario or combination of scenarios to provide visibility and help companies engage and focus on their supply chains to design more sustainable strategies.

Portfolio Approach

The GEMI SCS tool offers a portfolio view of the supply chain, enabling tradeoffs between impacts and across purchase categories. The portfolio approach supports users in maximizing the environmental benefits obtained from sustainable supply chain management efforts at the lowest costs. The GEMI SCS tool currently features 3 product industries, including paperboard container manufacturing, plastic film and sheet manufacturing, and soap and cleaning compound manufacturing.

Tool Contributors

The GEMI SCS tool was developed through a collaborative process by GEMI's Supply Chain Sustainability Work Group, the University of Minnesota Northstar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise (NiSE), and Climate Earth.

Special thanks to:
-Bill Gill, Smithfield Foods, GEMI SCS Work Group Co-Chair
-Rylie Pelton, NRSM/IonE, UMN
-Mo Li, NRSM/IonE, UMN
-Dr. Tom Lyon, University of Michigan
-Yvonne Burgess, Climate Earth
-Carter Brooks, Climate Earth
-Tim Smith, UMN
-Chris Erickson, Climate Earth

Additional Resources

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