The GEMI Metrics Navigator™ is in the form of a workbook that guides the user through a series of worksheets. The tool does not require that the worksheets be used, if an organization already uses proven internal processes for particular steps. The worksheets in the GEMI Metrics Navigator™ are populated using an example from a hypothetical organization and by GEMI member companies to illustrate how to use the worksheets. This section of the online resource includes the blank worksheets in usable format.



Summary of Key Points

1a. Understand the Business Success Factors

1b. Identify the Focus on Environmental, Social and Economic Issues and Initiatives

2a. Internal – Prioritize Employees’ Issues of Relevance to the Business

2b. External – Prioritize Issues of Concern to External Stakeholders

3a. Select Material Issues

3b. Select Key Objectives

4a. Define the Key Performance Indicators

4b. Evaluate Metrics Effectiveness Checklist

4c. Build Metrics and Set Targets




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