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 Forging New Links

Enhancing Supply Chain Management
Through Environmental Excellence

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Executive Summary
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Forging New Links was developed through a collaborative process by GEMI's Supply Chain Work Group. The Work Group was co-chaired by Bert Share of Anheuser-Busch Inc. and John Harris of Eli Lilly and Company, formerly with Ashland, Inc. The development of Forging New Links was managed by Joseph Fiksel of Eco-Nomics LLC, with support from Doug Lambert, Director of The Global Supply Chain Forum at Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, and Les Artman, retired Partner from Accenture’s Supply Chain Strategy Practice. The cover art and overall graphic design were created by Dawne Brooks. GEMI staff contributing to the report included Steve Hellem and Amy Goldman.

This website, including the Value Wizard technology, was designed by Joseph Fiksel, Eco-Nomics LLC, and implemented by Allan Dudek.

GEMI Supply Chain Work Group Members
Don Brown, Dell Inc.
John Carnall, Wyeth
Stan Christian, Motorola, Inc.
Ron DiCola , Pfizer Inc
Karen Ellis, FedEx Express
Jeff Forgang, Duke Energy
Elizabeth Girardi-Schoen, Pfizer Inc
Paul Halberstadt, ConAgra Foods
Dave Jacoby, Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Ben Jordan, The Coca-Cola Company
Jim Kearney, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
John Kindervater, Eli Lilly and Company
Ken Larson, HP
David Lear, HP
Mike Loch, Motorola, Inc.
Keith Miller, 3M
Dean Miracle, Southern Co./Georgia Power
Tim Mohin, Intel Corporation
Edwin Mongan, DuPont
Leslie Montgomery, Southern Company
Elizabeth Moyer, Texas Instruments Incorporated
Scott Noesen, The Dow Chemical Company
Jean Pédelaborde, Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Elsie Rivera Palabrica, Abbott Laboratories
Mary Beth Parker, Mirant Corporation
Larry Porter, Texas Instruments Incorporated
Ted Reichelt, Intel Corporation
David Seep, BNSF Railway Company
Orlean Thompson, Eastman Kodak Company
Robin Tollett, The Procter & Gamble Company
Lucian Turk, Dell Inc.
Terry Welch, The Dow Chemical Company
Carl Wirdak, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Additional Contributors to Case Studies
Robert Accarino, Abbott Laboratories
Timothy Arnold, Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Carol Brewer, FedEx Express
Hugh Burns, Eastman Kodak Company
Don Coy, The 3M Company
Todd Brady, Intel Corporation
Joan Gier, Motorola, Inc.
Larry Gilbert, Motorola, Inc.
Thomas Goodwin, Motorola, Inc.
Cheryl Hoffman, Duke Energy
Scott Kilpatrick, Texas Instruments Incorporated
Bob Leet, Intel Corporation
Wubbe Prins, The Dow Chemical Company
Heather Tansey, The 3M Company
Mike Virani, Intel Corporation
Mike Willis, Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Sam Wong, Pfizer Inc


Special thanks:
During the course of the project, helpful background information and advice were provided by Bill Copacino of Accenture, Jim Fava and Ralf Nielsen of Five Winds International, Robert Axelrod and Susan Russell of Steele, Lisa Ellram of Arizona State University, Erica Plambeck of Stanford University, and Mark Sharfman of the University of Oklahoma.

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