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Enhancing Supply Chain Management
Through Environmental Excellence

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Methodology Overview

Identifying an attractive opportunity is only the beginning of the value realization process. Forging New Links includes a step-by-step methodology that provides guidance to EHS and other functional groups in their efforts at supply chain value creation. It consists of four logical steps for managing value creation opportunities. The methodology resembles the Plan-Do-Check-Advance cycle, in that it provides a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

Step 1. Identify supply chain opportunities. This step provides several methods for identifying company-specific value creation opportunities related to EHS in the supply chain.

Step 2. Prioritize EHS value contributions. This step prioritizes opportunities based on their feasibility and attractiveness, as well as the relevant competencies of the organization.

Step 3. Develop business justification. This step develops a business case for selected high-priority opportunities, and may include dialogue with external stakeholder groups.

Step 4. Implement, measure, and iterate. This step uses measurement tools to quantify the business value achieved by the selected initiatives, and to support continuous improvement.

It is assumed that the process of identifying, screening, and implementing opportunities will be a collaborative effort involving a cross-functional team. As the team progresses from Steps 1 through 4, its membership typically will grow and change. In addition to personnel from EHS, logistics, and other internal functions, the composition of the team could include supplier and customer representatives as well as other interested parties.

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