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Case Studies

Module 1: Water Use, Impact, and Source Assessment

Abbott Laboratories
Addressing Water Needs of Company Neighbors and Employees

Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Exploring Water Connections Along the Supply Chain

Eastman Kodak Company
Identifying and Addressing Customers' Water Quality Needs

The Procter and Gamble Company
Looking Down the Value Chain: Recognizing the Importance of Water to Consumers

Texas Instruments Incorporated
Using a "Water Balance" to Identify and Characterize Water Uses


Module 2: Business Risk Assessment

The Coca-Cola Company
Using Source Protection Planning to Identify Source Vulnerabilities

Managing Strategic Risk Through Innovative Wastewater Treatment


Module 3: Business Opportunity Assessment

Abbott Laboratories
Reducing Facility Costs with Water Reuse and Recycling

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Redesigning Facility Water Use: A Watershed Management and Water Reuse Initiative

ConAgra Foods
Developing Services to Address Customers' Water Conservation Needs

Eastman Kodak Company
Using Best Management Practices to Improve Water Quality

Intel Corporation
Reducing and Reusing Water at Chip Manufacturing Plants

Johnson Controls
Building on Core Competencies to Expand Markets

Olin Corporation
Cuttings Costs by Recycling Materials from the Water Waste Stream

Southern Company
Finding Solutions to Watershed Issues Through Effective Cooperation with Stakeholders

Texas Instruments Incorporated
Protecting Watersheds Through Water Reduction and Treatment Plant Improvements

Module 4: Strategic Direction and Goal Setting

Georgia Pacific Corporation
Using Performance Goals to Focus Organizational Attention on Water Sustainability

Intel Corporation
Engaging Corporate-Level Support for Plant-Level Initiatives

Novartis Corporation
Engaging Employees to Reduce Water Use and Impact


Module 5: Strategy Development and Implementation

Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Engaging the Organization in Water Strategy Implementation

ConAgra Foods
Reducing Facility Water Use

Tracking Water Performance: Metering and Metrics

Overcoming Challenges