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ConAgra Foods
Developing Services to Address Customers' Water Conservation Needs

United Agri Products, a ConAgra Foods company, has pioneered an innovative service through its mPOWER3 subsidiary that helps to improve agricultural productivity while reducing water use and improving water quality. The Greeley, Colorado company developed applications in its suite of software and web-based tools that assist growers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural and irrigation resources. Farmers synchronize mPOWER3’s software on their personal computers with the company’s web-based systems to share and process data. This software and information management service uses databases, historical algorithms, and geographic information systems (GIS) to process data on weather, soil, hydrology, and other factors that influence crop yields. The resulting information and maps enable growers to release water to plants when they need it, and not according to predetermined schedules. The result: less irrigation water and healthier crops. mPOWER3’s systems also generate information that allows growers to better target and time pesticide and fertilizer use and application. The result: less pesticide and fertilizer use, less run-off of pesticides and fertilizer to surface waters, and healthier crops.

mPOWER3 is discovering that the market for these services extends beyond growers. Irrigation authorities, local governments, and other organizations are finding mPOWER3’s information management and aerial imagery services to be powerful tools for managing water in a more sustainable manner.

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