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Olin Corporation
Cuttings Costs by Recycling Materials from the Water Waste Stream

Olin Corporation has been continuously pursuing opportunities to meet one of their sustainability goals: reducing the amount of waste generated by their facilities. They have found that waste reduction activities can also result in increased revenues to the company and improved relationships with critical customers. Olin’s Chlor Alkali plant in Niagara Falls, NY, recently received the New York State Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention for an innovative project that eliminated the daily discharge of 16,500 gallons of wastewater to the City of Niagara Falls’ sewage treatment facility and that captures former waste materials for reuse in the company’s manufacturing processes. The new recycling system, which has been successfully operating since January 2000, eliminated the discharge of a waste stream and cut costs by using recycled materials to help make saleable products, such as liquid bleach and hydrochloric acid.

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