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Key Questions to Identify Water Impacts at Specific Stages of the Value Chain

Raw Materials and Inputs

  • What are the primary inputs to the production of the business' products and services?
  • Does the production, transportation, or storage of these inputs impact water in any significant way?


  • Do air emissions generated by operations or production activities result in water quality impacts through deposition?


  • Does the potential for spills exist during product transportation or distribution (e.g., product or other spills from tankers, truck, rail)?

Product/Service Use

  • Does customer use or misuse of the product or service impact water quality?
  • Does customer storage of the product impact water quality?


  • Is significant water required to dispose of or recycle the business' products?
  • Do the business' products (or product components or residuals) end up in surface or ground water following use?
  • Does disposal of the business' products have potential to contaminate surface or ground water via leaching or run-off when disposed in landfills?


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