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Key Questions to Identify Opportunities for Creating "Top Line" Benefits

Depending upon the organization's core competencies, each organization may be able to identify areas in which it can create business value by addressing local and global water needs. Several questions are provided below which can help foster creative thinking about potential business opportunities linked to water sustainability.

Direct Top Line Benefits: Enhance Market Opportunities and Revenues

  • Are there services that the business can provide that improve water quality or help others to improve water quality?
  • Are there new products that the business can offer that improve water quality?
  • Are there new products or services that the business can offer that reduce customer's use or dependence on water resources?

Indirect Top Line Benefits: Enhance Corporate Reputation and Safeguard "License to Operate"

  • Are there ways that the business can raise awareness among the public or external stakeholders regarding water issues and potential solutions through its marketing efforts that enhance the businesses' reputation?
  • Are there ways that partnerships with local communities, water authorities, NGOs, and other organizations can be initiated to address specific water challenges?
  • Are there water-related projects that support local communities by improving water quality for drinking and sanitation? For recreation?
  • Can the business develop new relationships with potential customer groups, government officials, or others through water-related initiatives?
  • Are there ways that corporate giving activities (philanthropy) can be directed to address water challenges?


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