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Key Questions to Identify Water Use at Specific Stages of the Value Chain

Raw Materials and Inputs

  • What are the primary inputs to the production of the business' products and services?
  • Does the production, transportation, or storage of these inputs use water in any significant way?
  • Do suppliers of primary inputs rely on energy sources, such as hydropower that require large amounts of water?


  • What production processes use, consume, or rely upon water?
  • How do company facilities and vehicles rely upon water for cleaning, maintenance, and grounds keeping?
  • Do production processes rely on energy sources, such as hydropower for energy inputs?
  • Do employees have sufficient access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation services?
  • Do employees rely on local water resources for recreation purposes (e.g., fishing, boating, swimming) in ways that are important to local quality of life and employee retention?


  • What business activities and processes are used to market, transport, deliver, and distribute the business' goods and services to customers?
  • How is water used or relied upon to support these processes and activities?
  • How is the marketing of products or services dependent on water (e.g., production of marketing materials)?

Product/Service Use

  • Do the business' customers require water to use, clean, or maintain the business' products or services?
  • Do the business' products or services increase or decrease customers' water use?


  • Is significant water required to dispose of or recycle the business' products?


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