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Key Questions to Assess Business Sensitivity to Changes in Current Water Impacts

For each water impact identified in Module 1, at each stage of the value chain, consider how sensitive the business is to external pressures to reduce water impacts. By considering the organization's sensitivity to external changes associated with its water-related impacts, you should be able to make a qualitative assessment of the business "significance" of this impact. There are two major factors to consider: cost and turnaround time.

  1. Impact reduction cost sensitivity: What would be the cost to the business of reducing the water impact by 10%? 50%? Meeting a zero discharge requirement? Completely eliminating the impact in other value chain stages?
  2. Impact reduction timing sensitivity: How quickly could the impact be reduced? Are contingency plans in place for reducing the impact? Are there alternative activities or processes with lower impacts currently available? Is there current research and development directed towards impact reduction?

If the business sensitivity to changing water impact requirements is high, this can create a strong business case for conducting research and development and investment in creative, cost-effective options to eliminating the water impact.


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