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Texas Instruments Incorporated
Protecting Watersheds Through Water Reduction and Treatment Plan Improvements

In 1999, Texas Instruments (TI) faced a challenge of meeting increased water quality standards affecting heavy metal discharges while reducing operating costs at its Sensors and Controls Division manufacturing plant in Attleboro, Massachusetts. TI met this challenge using a comprehensive water reduction strategy. Point-of-use water reduction efforts throughout the plant lowered treated wastewater discharges from 175 million gallons per year (MGPY) to less than 50 MGPY. In addition, treatment plant modifications were implemented that allowed all treated wastewater to go to the city's publicly owned treatment works (POTW) instead of being discharged into the local watershed headwaters. Cooperation with local and federal regulatory agencies, in the form of various agreements and flexible permits, enabled TI to make the change over, reducing costs and improving local water quality.


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