GEMI Scope 3 Forum December 2021 Webinar

The capacity to measure, manage and scale solutions enabling positive sustainability impacts across the value chain is increasingly critical for business sustainability leaders striving to proactively drive science-based emission reduction initiatives and transparently respond to growing stakeholder expectations related to Scope 3 emissions.

A variety of leading companies, and industry coalitions, are responding to this challenge and working to develop and scale distinct strategies to address challenges and opportunities related to value chain engagement, measurement and improvement. In this webinar, GEMI provide attendees with an opportunity to learn how some of the world’s leading supply chains are working to hit their Scope 3 carbon reduction targets.


  • Mark Johnson, Senior Vice President, Director Private Sector Services, Gannett Fleming, GEMI Chair
  • Martin Chilcott, Chairman and CEO, Manufacture 2030
  • Kevin Butt, Senior Director Environmental Sustainability, Toyota Motor North America
  • Natalie Pryde, Director, Scope 3 Work Group, GEMI

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Webinar: Future Forces that Will Disrupt Sustainable Business

Future Forces that Will Disrupt Sustainable Business from Security & Sustainability Forum on Vimeo.

In early 2019, the Global Environmental Management Institute (GEMI) and the Institute for the Future (IFTF) began a ten-year forecast project to examine the challenge of doing business in a rapidly changing world, where the definition of ‘sustainability’ is broadening every business wants to build and maintain a ‘sustainable’ business model.

The resulting report “Future Forces That will Disrupt Sustainable Business,” examines four future forces that are external drivers of change that IFTF believes have the power to upend today’s business models over the coming ten years. In this webinar, GEMI and IFTF leaders share key insights from this report.

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