GEMI Supply Chain Sustainability Work Group

GEMI SCS Work Group

Our Vision

To build a broad cross-industry coalition of recognized sustainability leaders to drive increased alignment among existing global supply chain sustainability solutions and increase value for both buyers and suppliers.

GEMI SCS Concept
Corporate sustainability leaders face challenges related to the wide variety of expectations for assessing supply chain sustainability. Many are seeking ways to better understand the sustainability performance of companies within their supply chain while responding to similar requests from their own customers. While the objectives of such efforts are often similar, the format and content are typically quite different.  To address these concerns, GEMI has worked to build a cross-industry coalition – GEMI’s Supply Chain Sustainability (SCS) Work Group — to drive alignment on global supply chain sustainability solutions while meeting common cross-industry goals.

Key Issues
The GEMI SCS Work Group leads a variety of internal research and external communication and education activities to advance its vision, including efforts to promote:

  • Enhanced alignment in supplier sustainability expectations. Example activities may include: enhancing awareness of buyer/supplier perspectives, and the range of similar but different sustainability expectations for suppliers; engaging buyers to better understand why certain data is requested and how it is used for business decision-making; promoting opportunities for convergence around common industry needs.
  • Increased interoperability / mutual recognition across SCS data platforms. Example activities may include: engaging data collectors on opportunities to increase value and reduce duplication in data collection process; addressing data ownership concerns and technological needs; promoting opportunities for convergence around common data needs.
2017 GEMI SCS Participants

Value of Participation
GEMI SCS Work Group members have an exclusive opportunity to influence the design and focus of GEMI’s SCS initiatives and support collaborative work to enhance alignment in supplier sustainability expectations across industries.  GEMI offers a unique platform for organizations to engage with corporate leaders, industry groups, NGOs and 3rd party providers on business supply chain sustainability issues, and promote increased harmonization of approaches.  Work is primarily conducted through bi-monthly Work Group webinars, along with an annual in-person 2-day workshop.

Non-GEMI member companies and industry organizations are invited to apply to participate in the GEMI SCS Work Group. There is no cost for active GEMI members to participate in the Work Group. Please contact GEMI Program Manager Kellen Mahoney ( to learn more about participation.

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