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GEMI’s Strategic Priorities

In early 2021, GEMI began a strategic planning process to ensure GEMI’s strategic direction for the next few years continues to be aligned with its members’ goals and needs, while navigating through what we can anticipate will be an increasingly complex and disruptive future.

As part of this process, GEMI conducted a series of phone interviews with member leaders regarding their current and emerging sustainability goals and needs, and conducted a workshop in March 2021 to collaboratively outline strategic priorities for GEMI over the next 3-5 years to address shared challenges and opportunities identified by GEMI’s member companies.

We are pleased to now share a summary of four of the strategic priorities identified through this process that GEMI and its member companies will be working together to address over the coming 3-5 years.

Strategic Priorities for GEMI (2021-2025)

Sustainable Disruption Project

Supporting corporate sustainability leaders in identifying, understanding and developing strategies to prepare for a range of anticipated and unknown future disruptions that may challenge short to mid-term business and sustainability goals, while creating new opportunities for leaders to position their organizations for greater resilience and success in the short and long-term.

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Closing the Loop on Industrial Plastics

Bringing together key internal and external stakeholders to foster dialogue on contaminated plastic waste challenges and advance business driven solutions to achieve sustainable management of plastics across the life cycle, while creating value for stakeholders across the value chain.

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Scope 3: Scaling Solutions / Positive Impacts to Value Chain (and Beyond)

Increasing transparency and understanding across industries of Scope 3 priorities, measurement and reporting methods, engagement strategies and challenges, and promoting collaborative cross-industry approaches to collectively scale meaningful solutions and drive positive impact across the value chain.

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Emerging Sustainability Leadership

Providing a safe space for experienced and emerging corporate EH&S and Environmental Sustainability leaders to connect and learn from their peers, share experiences in managing and leading through ever increasing pressures facing sustainability leaders today, and develop capabilities required to lead sustainable business into the future.

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GEMI invites corporate sustainability leaders from across industries to join us in our mission to create collaborative sustainability solutions for business. To learn more about opportunities for participation in GEMI activities as a corporate member or project participant, please contact Steve Hellem at shellem @ navista.net or Kellen Mahoney at kmahoney @ navista.net

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