The University of South Carolina (UofSC), located in the state’s capital city of Columbia, is highly regarded as the state’s number one builder of green buildings. It seems only natural that a higher education institution, one preparing the best and the brightest for their futures, would be on the forefront of innovative practices in their operations. According to the university’s annual sustainability report, their campus features multiple LEED building certifications, ranging from silver to gold to platinum. Just take a walk around campus and you’ll see firsthand the commitment to sustainability in operations, from the buildings themselves to the student organizations leading the way with new ideas.

In an effort to continue their progress toward more sustainable operations, UofSC turned to Sealed Air’s Diversey Care team. University Housing was in search of cleaning products that would create a clean, yet safe environment for students and employees, and support efforts to reduce costs overall. According to UofSC’s Sustainability Report, its Green Cleaning Program, in collaboration with Diversey Care solutions, has been able to show significant savings and efficiencies.  The university has experienced over $10,000 in supply savings and over $19,000 savings in labor. The partnership with Sealed Air’s Diversey Care started as a three-building pilot and now has been expanded to include the cleaning solution in all 25 residence halls on campus. The program has been such a success it was featured in the university’s annual Sustainability Report.

Diversey Care implemented several proven products and solutions for UofSC including:

  • J-Fill® QuattroSelect®, a wall-mounted dispenser that dispenses the proper chemical dose into bottles, buckets or floor care machines
  • TASKI® MicroFit, which retrofits standard 40-gallon trash barrels to enable pre-wet microfiber cleaning
  • TASKI® Quantum System, a unique no-touch mopping system featuring an ergonomic handle and double-sided and launderable microfiber mops
  • TASKI® Nano Mobile Work Station, a customizable cleaning cart that holds tools and chemicals to accommodate to the way cleaning staff work
  • TASKI® Crystal Shield System, TASKI ProSpeed and various TASKI auto scrubbers, burnishers and carpet care machines
  • Oxivir® Tb Wipes that kill pathogens quickly while still being gentle on surfaces and people

The UofSC and Diversey Care partnership creates healthier, safer and cleaner environments for students and employees while supporting the university’s sustainability goals and lowering overall costs.  It was evident from the start that the university wanted a sustainable cleaning solution that would help reduce water consumption, landfill waste, and indoor pollutants without sacrificing results. The benefits of concentrated cleaning chemicals includes less plastic waste and less transport costs, therefore reducing the overall carbon footprint of cleaning operations. By implementing Sealed Air Diversey Care equipment, concentrated chemicals and tools in the residence halls, UofSC is reducing the overall carbon footprint of cleaning operations and improving the student housing experience.

With more than 1.1 million square feet of green building space, it was simply imperative that UofSC find the right solution for their sustainable cleaning needs. Sealed Air and UofSC have been able to generate savings while at the same time creating a more sustainable footprint through reduced water consumption, reduced indoor VOC’s, and reduced waste to landfill by consolidating the usage of concentrated chemicals and using recyclable containers. Now, with Sealed Air Diversey Care cleaning solutions in place across all campus residence halls, the university is well positioned to retain its leadership reputation in sustainable operations.

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