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E3 and Sustainable Manufacturing Training

On June 3, GEMI held a webinar discussion with Tom Murray and Pam Swingle of the US EPA to learn more about the Federal’s government’s E3 initiative, and tools/resources available through the program.

E3 is a technical assistance framework helping communities, manufacturers, and manufacturing supply chains adapt and thrive in today’s green economy. E3 supports the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP), a new Administration-wide initiative designed to accelerate the resurgence of manufacturing and help communities cultivate an environment for businesses to create well-paying manufacturing jobs in cities across the country.

Through its E3 work, EPA’s Region 4 has developed the ‘Sustainable Manufacturing Curriculum: Greening the Future by Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce’ to help address the growing demand for employees who are trained to identify opportunities for improving process efficiencies and preventing environmental wastes.

Opportunity to Engage?

The webinar concluded with a discussion of potential opportunities to work together with EPA to modify the EPA’s Sustainable Manufacturing Training for corporations internal use to increase understanding of sustainability concepts among employees across the US.

If your company might be interested in participating in a collaborative GEMI effort focused on companies’ sustainable manufacturing training needs, please contact GEMI Program Manager Kellen Mahoney.

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