Scope 3: Scaling Solutions / Positive Impacts to Value Chain (and Beyond)


Provide a cross-industry collaborative learning and action-oriented experience that will meet the needs and objectives of leading companies to engage with and collect strategy informing data from their value chains that can inform and drive reductions in CO2, improve sustainability and promote collaborative environmental, social, and economic activities and projects within their value chain.


Create and support a forum to identify challenges and opportunities relating to value chain related goals that will identify material categories, enhance supplier engagement and performance consistency, and drive measurable action and change within company value chains.


The capacity to measure, manage and scale solutions enabling positive sustainability impacts across the value chain is increasingly critical for business sustainability leaders striving to proactively drive science-based emission reduction initiatives and transparently respond to growing stakeholder expectations related to Scope 3 emissions. 

A variety of leading companies, and industry coalitions, are responding to this challenge and working to develop and scale distinct strategies to address challenges and opportunities related to value chain engagement, measurement and improvement. 

Recognizing that the Scope 3 footprint of any one individual company / industry typically represents a mixture of Scope 1 / 2 footprints from many other companies / industries, we feel that there is significant opportunity and benefit to facilitate more communication and collaboration across industries on common challenges and opportunities in scaling positive impacts across the value chain, while promoting consistency in approaches and minimizing duplication of effort.

Through this project, GEMI will bring together sustainability leaders in an effort to increase transparency and understanding across industries of Scope 3 priorities, measurement and reporting methods, engagement strategies and challenges, and promote collaborative cross-industry approaches to collectively scale meaningful solutions and drive positive impact across the value chain.

Key Activities for Phase 1 (through Q4 2021)

  • Facilitate member-driven dialogue to identify key questions and challenges related to Scope 3 goals and initiatives (e.g. prioritizing material categories, enhancing supplier engagement / performance, consistency in reporting schemes, evaluating net-benefit of new approaches, and/or others)
  • Facilitate ongoing dialogue and engagement between members and external stakeholders to assess landscape of Scope 3 priorities, approaches and direction in key business sectors.
  • Design and organize one half-day in-person workshop in Washington, DC focused on emerging issues, trends and intersections of Scope 3 action across industries in early Q1 2022.

Project Team and Company Participation

The Project will be led by a team that includes GEMI staff and Chris Ferrari of Manufacture 2030, a company specializing in helping global corporations to hit their Scope 3 emissions reduction targets. By joining the project as a member, companies will have a unique opportunity to work directly with GEMI to shape the strategy and direction of the project activities, and further position their organization as a proactive sustainability leader focused on emerging issues, opportunities and constructive and effective change.

How to Get Involved

To learn more about opportunities to participate in this project, please contact Steve Hellem at shellem @ or Kellen Mahoney at kmahoney @