Welcome to VERSION 3.1 of the
GEMI SD Planner™ and the SD Gateway.

This software tool was created because the members of GEMI recognize the need and opportunity for business to address environmental, economic and social issues in a way that creates business value.

The GEMI SD Planner™ and SD Gateway is a detailed, comprehensive planning tool that you can use to establish baseline performance, assess opportunities, set goals, develop action plans and evaluate progress towards your sustainable development objectives.

Version 3.1 contains new user-friendly features that improve the ease of accessibility and encourage interaction between users. Users now have the ability to easily browse through case examples by category and search for specific case examples by keyword, as well as tag case examples as ‘favorites’ to revisit later.

The GEMI SD Planner™ is designed to run on a web-server. It is not designed to run on a laptop or desktop computer.
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• Need help installing the software?
• Need a place to install the GEMI SD Planner software?
• Need training to learn how to use the sustainable development planning tool?

     Visit www.CustomerParadigm.com
             or call 303.473.4400 x11

Note: This is not a specific endorsement by GEMI for this organization, but is provided as a helpful resource for those needing help with their sustainable development planning process.

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