GEMI Metrics Navigator

GEMI Metrics Navigator™

The GEMI Metrics Navigator™ is a tool to help organizations develop and implement metrics that provide insight into complex issues, support business strategy and contribute to business success. The tool presents a thorough, six-step process to select, implement and evaluate a set of ‘critical few’ metrics that focus on an organization’s success. Each step provides guidance in the form of a worksheet, series of questions or checklist.

Any organization can use the tool and apply it at any organizational level. The process is very flexible and does not dictate how to complete the worksheets. In fact, the tool does not require that worksheets be used at all, if an organization already uses proven internal processes for particular steps. The strength of the tool is that it offers a rigorous thought process. The greatest value is in how it helps individuals, groups or entire organizations think through the process – the logical flow of the six steps – and not in the methods included. The summary worksheet (on page 5) provides an overview of the process and captures the critical conclusions from the six

In a very practical way, the GEMI Metrics Navigator™ helps the user to:

  • Determine what is material – ask the right questions, prioritize issues, identify objectives and understand potential consequences at several decision points
  • Decide what and how to measure – understand the interactions between economic, social and environmental issues and sort through an array of possible metrics
  • Implement a metrics program

Once the metrics have been chosen, this tool helps the user analyze how effectively the non-financial metrics:

  • Inform business decisions and leadership
  • Align environmental, social and economic issues with business strategy
  • Respond to issues identified by employees and external stakeholders
  • Help integrate holistic thinking into the organization’s culture
  • Reflect business values and yield business benefits

The principal benefit of using this tool is to advance business performance through the development and use of non-financial measurements.

GEMI Metrics Navigator™