Business and Climate

GEMI’s was originally developed in 2000 to help GEMI members and other companies address climate change issues, with a unique focus on business planning and strategy development.  In response to considerable scientific, policy and business developments related to global climate change since 2000, GEMI members agreed that the content of the web site needed to be up-to-date and provide ongoing value to its target market.

This new version of the web tool provides information and guidance for businesses in all stages of the strategic planning lifecycle for climate change. The site is organized into four planning stages–Assess Risks, Formulate Strategy, Implement Strategy and Review.  Advice and resources are provided from businesses that have already completed one or more of the planning stages.

The content of GEMI’s BusinessandClimate web tool includes guidance based on company experience as well as several specific company case studies, directly from GEMI company experiences.  It has a unique focus on planning and strategy development.  GEMI, and this web site, hold a neutral position on the scientific debate and do not address political, scientific or advocacy issues.