GEMI HSE Web Depot

The GEMI HSE Web Depot is a web-based resource for the development and continual improvement of Health, Safety & Environment Management Information Systems (HSE-MIS). This interactive self-assessment web tool presents a framework for HSE-MIS planning, development, system rollout and improvement and organizes company experiences within these areas. The GEMI HSE Web Depot contains information on: Strategies for planning, designing, evaluating, and improving HSE systems; planning and development processes; evaluating business benefits; and examples of best practices.

HOW TO USE THE HSE WEB DEPOT — The HSE Web Depot is based on a Plan, Do, Check, Advance (PDCA) lifecycle. The order of these steps is completely dependent upon how the Web Depot is being used. A visitor to the Web Depot may find value in going through the entire tool or by selecting a topic of interest and diving in a bit deeper.

FINDING VALUE IN THE GEMI HSE WEB DEPOT — Companies around the world are rapidly discovering that proactive HSE management makes business sense. Leading edge companies have moved corporate EHS professionals from their basement offices to the boardroom, and are reaping the benefits of improved profitability and competitiveness resulting from the integration of HSE management into traditional business functions and decision-making. Effective HSE – Management Information Systems (HSE-MIS) are a critical success factor in this process.

Corporate HSE professionals, however, still face an uphill battle in persuading senior management that investments in HSE-MIS do indeed lead to an improved bottom line. Unfortunately, the benefits of improved information management (e.g. innovation and process improvements, increased employee productivity, enhanced brand image, reduced regulatory liability, etc.) are difficult to measure and are often dispersed among different functional units of a company. This means that benefits, both tangible and intangible, must be carefully and deliberately identified, measured, and documented to demonstrate the value of investments in HSE-MIS to senior management.