Quick Guide: Cultivating Sustainability within an Organization

Case Studies Included

  • Case Study: Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives – 3M
  • Case Study:  Employee Awareness – ConocoPhillips
  • Case Study: Creating Accountability for Sustainability – Perdue Farms
  • Case Study: Mixed Media Brings Small Success – Philips66
  • Case Study: Addressing Opportunities and Risks – Smithfield Foods
  • Case Study: Seeking Employee Input Regarding Opportunities and Challenges – Union Pacific

Cultivating Sustainability within an Organization

GEMI’s Quick Guide for Cultivating Sustainability within an Organization is designed to provide insights for how corporations demonstrate and communicate the value of sustainability and activate internal resources to achieve key sustainability objectives.

PDF (1.2MB), 18 pages.


Is your organization on board with your sustainability mission? One of the most important factors for establishing a successful sustainability program is ensuring employees understand, embrace, and pursue the right focuses. Simply put, that happens when those focuses foster a productive and thriving organization built on long-term business processes that promote economic development, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

The GEMI Quick Guide on Cultivating Sustainability within an Organization discusses how a company can promote, motivate, and accelerate this pursuit by: defining business opportunities and risks clearly, establishing tangible purpose and concrete objectives for sustainability projects or programs, identifying the meaningful and relevant issues to the organization, and communicating effectively with stakeholders. A sustainability strategy will only be successful if these actions are undertaken as components of a well planned and executed business strategy.


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