Quick Guide: Engaging Employees in Sustainability

Case Studies Included 

  • Case Study: Employee Engagement in Waste Minimization – Ashland
  • Case Study: FedEx Fuel Sense
  • Case Study: Oyster Recovery Partnership – Perdue
  • Case Study: Project Clean Stream – Perdue
  • Case Study: Annual Sustainability Excellence Awards – Smithfield Foods
  • Case Study: Gathering Employee Feedback – Union Pacific

Engaging Employees in Sustainability

GEMI’s Quick Guide for Engaging Employees in Sustainability is designed to provide insight for how corporations can successfully engage and motivate employees to actively participate in executing a comprehensive sustainability strategy. 

PDF (1.07MB), 15 pages.


Are your employees active, enthusiastic participants in your sustainability initiatives? While it is important to identify what to include within a company’s environmental and social programs, it is equally essential to know how to accomplish program goals and objectives. One critical aspect of this is employee engagement – the emotional involvement and commitment of individuals linked to a common aim. Leadership sets expectation; employees (including leaders) make it happen.

The GEMI Quick Guide on Engaging Employees in Sustainability provides insight and explores potential strategies for fostering employee connections to sustainability, implementing an engagement strategy, and understanding the role of corporate culture within an engagement strategy. Leaders should consider examining and adapting these various facets to meet their own organization’s unique circumstances and needs.


engaging employees
engaging employees

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