Quick Guide on Renewable and Alternative Energy

Included Case Studies

  • Case Study: BNSF Railway – Solar Array
  • Case Study: FedEx – Fleet Portfolio
  • Case Study: Perdue Farms – Solar Installation Partnership
  • Case Study: P&G – Biomass Burner
  • Case Study: P&G – Deep Geothermal Well
  • Case Study: P&G – Wind Turbine
  • Case Study: Smithfield Foods – Biogas Recovery
  • Case Study: Union Pacific – Long-term Fueling Options

Renewable and Alternative Energy

The GEMI Quick Guide on Renewable and Alternative Energy is designed to provide insight into how corporations assess and implement renewable and alternative energy technologies. 

PDF (2.18 MB), 20 pages.


Renewable and alternative energy can be an essential component of any corporate energy strategy. In addition to reaping benefits from energy conservation and energy efficiency projects, companies may uncover financial and other benefits associated with environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources. While each GEMI member company’s experience evaluating and implementing renewable and alternative energy technologies is unique, the factors and considerations a company uses to consider technology options can provide insight to a broader audience. Additionally, the case studies which accompany this Quick Guide offer real-life illustrations of how to successfully pursue these technologies.

The GEMI Quick Guide on Renewable and Alternative Energy presents a simplified business-oriented approach for many of the evaluations required to proceed in the development of a strategy.


renewable energy
renewable energy


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