Quick Guide: Sustainability 101

sustainability 101 quick guide

Case Studies Included

  • Sustainability 101 Case Example: Ashland Inc.
  • Sustainability 101 Case Example: Gannett Fleming
  • Sustainability 101 Case Example: P&G
  • Sustainability 101 Case Example: Perdue Farms Inc
  • Sustainability 101 Case Example: Smithfield Foods
  • Sustainability 101 Case Example: Union Pacific Railroad

Sustainability 101

GEMI’s Quick Guide: Sustainability 101 offers a comprehensive overview of how companies today are creating business value from sustainability plus guidance to help sustainability professionals develop, manage and grow their programs.

PDF (1.1MB), 15 pages.


The GEMI Quick Guide: “Sustainability 101” provides a short, easy-to-read, yet comprehensive view of how companies today are reaping business value from sustainability. The guide is designed to:

  • Provide a baseline understanding of the subject;
  • Offer a simple approach to tackling this often complex, sometimes vague topic that is fraught with misconceptions; and
  • Support discussion within your own organization (and with your suppliers and customers) about how to build greater business value from your company’s approaches to sustainability.

The Quick Guide is organized around five action steps for a company to consider as its executives grasp what sustainability can mean for them:

  1. Listen. Learn.
  2. Do a 2020 reality check.
  3. Study innovation across industries.
  4. Explore how your company can win.
  5. Chart your sustainability course.


sustainability 101
sustainability 101


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