Supporting Education

An average kid can ask hundreds of questions per day. It’s no coincidence that the Children’s Museum of Houston, ranked number one in the nation by Parents magazine, caters to youthful curiosity with a “How Does It Work?” exhibit.

Sponsored by Flint Hills Resources (FHR) Houston Chemical plant, the year-round attraction offers an entertaining and interactive way to explore science and technology. James Rhame, local site manager for FHR, was first contacted by the museum in 2015. “They were wondering, since our company had just joined the Houston community, if FHR would be interested in supporting the museum,” said Rhame. “We wanted to know their target audience, and make sure the doors would be open to all socioeconomic areas.”

The FHR team soon learned that almost 50 percent of the museum’s more than 810,000 annual visitors receive free or discounted admissions through partnerships with over 800 community service organizations that assist low-income families. “I went through the museum and they almost couldn’t get me out of there because it was so interesting,” recalls Rhame. “My parents, sister, son and daughter have all worked as educators in Texas. I love technology and helping kids, so this was a positive experience from the start. It met everything that I think Flint Hills Resources is all about.”

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Mill Boosts Efficiency

Palatka Mill’s $70 Million Investment Boosts Energy Efficiency

Georgia-Pacific’s commitment to sustainability can be seen as an investment in the future, which is why we’re spending $70 million in our Palatka, Florida, paper mill. The money will be used to upgrade the mill’s evaporators, a key component in generating energy to operate the mill. At first glance, new evaporators might not sound impressive, but they’ll reduce energy costs by an estimated $1 million per month and water usage by more than 30 percent.

This is just the latest in almost $100 million spent to enhance the mill’s safety, quality, sustainability and productivity.

Palatka mill manager Kevin Curry stresses the strategic importance of the expense. “We continue to make ongoing investments in the mill to help reduce our overall environmental impact and improve our cost competitiveness. This latest investment helps accomplish both of those goals, and earning it is a great accomplishment for our entire Palatka team,” he said.

This new project is in addition to an approximately $19 million investment announced last year for the installation of product quality improvement equipment in the mill’s kraft paper area. Installation of that project is currently underway. The mill also has approximately $10 million slated for safety and environmental improvement projects.